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Reflections on the “Worship Wars,” Part One

This morning after I awoke I debated for a few minutes whether I would go to the Men’s Bible Study at Christ Presbyterian Church today. While I was “up and about” in time to attend I am still quite hoarse … Continue reading

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Thoughts for My Son’s Birthday

This week’s post originally appeared as a Facebook “Note” on November 23, 2011. It has been edited and slightly expanded for use here. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all … Continue reading

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Approaching Doubling in the Daily Routine

In the past month or so I have played lead in a big band on a small tenor trombone, a concerto with orchestra on alto trombone, a brass quintet concert on large tenor trombone and euphonium, a solo with piano … Continue reading

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“Gadgets and Gizmos:” Ergobrass

Today I am beginning what I plan to make a regular feature on this blog, entitled “Gadgets and Gizmos.” These posts will consist of short reviews of various “accessories” on the market that are intended to help low brass players … Continue reading

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Notes on a Couple of Upcoming Performances

The next few days will be filled with exciting and enjoyable performance opportunities for me, including a brief solo performance this afternoon and then a chamber concert on Monday evening. Here are some notes on these upcoming performances. Today: Jan … Continue reading

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