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Should I Have Been a Pastor?

Regular readers of this blog have by now figured out that I harbor more than a passing interest in the study of theology. Although I first professed Christ as a young child and have always been an active church member, … Continue reading

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Missed Partials are “Real” Missed Notes

Brass players have a peculiar challenge that many other instrumentalists do not share in that in that brass instruments have multiple notes available for each fingering or slide position. This means that the player must not only depress the correct … Continue reading

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Spring Concerts and Activities Preview

This post is a bit late in coming, I suppose (particularly since one of the events I will mention has already passed), but I think it is a good practice to use an occasional blog post to mention some important … Continue reading

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One unhappy yet universal trait of our race is that human beings are fallible. The Christian accepts this as axiomatic to his worldview; only God is perfect and man even in his pre-Fall state was not. After the introduction of … Continue reading

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