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Lessons Learned Teaching Children’s Sunday School

In August my wife and I will conclude a two-year stint teaching children’s Sunday School classes at Christ Presbyterian Church, first with four and five-year-olds, and then with fifth and sixth-graders. We are stepping aside, at least for now, because … Continue reading

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Rediscovering and Reapplying the “Conversational Breath”

In last week’s post as well as several others I have freely discussed areas in which I have abandoned previous approaches to playing my instruments and have embraced ideas found in newer publications. While readers might conclude that I have … Continue reading

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Great Books: The Breathing Book by David Vining

The past eight years have in some ways been difficult ones for me. The onset of neck and jaw pain came in 2007, to which was added back pain after a car accident in 2008. I finally received a final … Continue reading

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A Brass Professor’s Perspective on Drum and Bugle Corps

I first learned about Drum Corps International in 1993, when I was in the ninth grade. The DCI World Championships were in Jackson, Mississippi, that year, just a few miles from my hometown, so I really had no choice but … Continue reading

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