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Distraction: A Problem for Musicians, A Problem for Christians, and Probably a Problem for Everyone Else, Too

While I use most weeks’ posts to write about some aspect of brass playing, teaching, or musicianship, at the end of each month I turn to writing regarding my avocational interest in Christian theology. Given the exponentially greater traffic that … Continue reading

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Coping with (Potential) Disaster: Reflections on an Unlikely Biblical Story

I am a natural worrier. As a Christian and more specifically as a Calvinist I know that God declares the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10), that he works everything together for my good and for his glory (Romans 8:28), … Continue reading

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On Demanding Excellence in Music: Brief Reflections on Two Teachers

Most music students—actually, probably most students in every field, but my experience is limited—will deliver excellence only when it is demanded of them. I don’t think it is stretching the meaning of Scripture too far to say that this is … Continue reading

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“Gadgets and Gizmos:” Tablet Computers as Sheet Music Replacements?

With every passing year, the number of students in my studio that want to read at least some of their music from laptop and particularly tablet computers increases. At first they did this only for the warm-up and scale study … Continue reading

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On “Minimal Motors”

One of the great regrets of my musical education was that I was never able to arrange for a lesson with renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra tubist Arnold Jacobs (1915-1998). I was not far into my undergraduate career when I first … Continue reading

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