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Great Books: C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy

Though he lacked formal training as a theologian and did not claim that title for himself, Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) is rightly remembered as one of the twentieth century’s greatest Christian writers. His works on theology—or, perhaps more properly, Christian … Continue reading

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Today’s post is a rare mid-week offering, though it is mostly the material that I had originally planned to share on November 6 or 7. I wasn’t able to get the videos from my November 2 recital British Invasion! up … Continue reading

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The Rule of Rules in Music

Music is usually thought of as an emotive art form. People participate in music individually, communally, or in performance to communicate ideas, to express feelings, and even to experience an emotional release of some kind. Skilled performers are able to … Continue reading

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The Old Man at the Music Store was Right!

Although this habit seemed mundane to me at the time, one of the greatest boons to my musical development as a teenager was driving to the nearby music stores and looking through the available sheet music. Back then Mississippi was … Continue reading

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