Today’s post is a rare mid-week offering, though it is mostly the material that I had originally planned to share on November 6 or 7. I wasn’t able to get the videos from my November 2 recital British Invasion! up in time for that, but perhaps that turned out for the best as the delay has allowed me to include additional recordings from the University of Mississippi Low Brass Ensembles concert on November 14 and the University of Mississippi Wind Ensemble concert on November 19, both of which included trombone solo pieces which I performed. As with all live performances, there are a few occasional blemishes. A sticky valve in one place, one miscounted rest (to my shame—I had become a bit distracted), and the occasional “bobbles” and “cacks” that are an unfortunate part of performing challenging literature on brass instruments. I have a very young trombone ensemble this year with lots of new students; I am pleased with their work thus far though they still have some growing to do. I am looking forward to seeing them do bigger and greater things as they mature.

Anyway, enough “throwing myself under the bus.” These were good performances. I enjoyed playing them, and I hope you will enjoy watching and listening.

Gordon Jacob (1895-1984): Trombone Concerto, Movement I (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Gordon Jacob (1895-1984): Trombone Concerto, Movement II (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Gordon Jacob (1895-1984): Trombone Concerto, Movement III (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Ray Steadman-Allen (1922-2014): The Eternal Quest (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Joseph Horovitz (b. 1926): Euphonium Concerto, Movement I (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Joseph Horovitz (b. 1926): Euphonium Concerto, Movement II (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Joseph Horovitz (b. 1926): Euphonium Concerto, Movement III (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Philip Sparke (b. 1951): Aubade (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)

Peter Graham (b. 1958): Brillante (with Stacy Rodgers, piano)
*Includes a special and very appropriate change of attire. 🙂

James Kazik (b. 1974): Sanctuary (with University of Mississippi Trombone Ensemble; David Cuevas, conductor)

Arthur Pryor (1870-1942): Fantastic Polka (with University of Mississippi Wind Ensemble; David Willson, conductor)

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Micah Everett is Associate Professor of Music (Trombone/Low Brass) at the University of Mississippi, Principal Trombonist of the North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Tubist/Bass Trombonist of the Mississippi Brass Quintet, Bass Trombonist of the Great River Trombone Quartet, Assistant Editor (Audio/Video Reviews) for the International Trombone Association Journal, and an S.E. Shires trombone artist. He is the author of THE LOW BRASS PLAYER'S GUIDE TO DOUBLING, published by Mountain Peak Music, and released his first solo recording, STEPPING STONES FOR BASS TROMBONE, VOL. 1, on the Potenza Music label in 2015. In addition to his professional work, he maintains an avid interest in the study of the Bible and of Reformed theology. He holds doctoral and master's degrees in music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a bachelor's degree in music education from Delta State University, and a certificate in systematic theology from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. The ideas and opinions expressed here are not necessarily shared by the employers and organizations with which the author is associated.
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