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“Gadgets and Gizmos:” Improving Smartphone Recording Quality

Recording practice sessions and lessons is an important tool for identifying and correcting execution errors and thus improving performance, and on the whole the ubiquitous presence of smartphones capable of making audio and/or video recordings has been a boon to … Continue reading

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“Gadgets and Gizmos:” Yamaha Trombone Slide Oil

The handslide presents a number of difficulties peculiar to trombonists. Besides the inherent difficulty of learning to operate the slide with skill and efficiency, maintaining optimum mechanical function also is a challenge that requires constant attention. For one thing, the … Continue reading

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“Gadgets and Gizmos:” Ergobrass

Today I am beginning what I plan to make a regular feature on this blog, entitled “Gadgets and Gizmos.” These posts will consist of short reviews of various “accessories” on the market that are intended to help low brass players … Continue reading

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