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“From the Vault:” A Paper on Beethoven’s Use of Trombones in the Fifth Symphony

This week’s post is a paper that I wrote twelve years ago for a seminar on Beethoven I took during doctoral school. As a graduate student my practice when taking musicology courses was to whenever possible choose research topics that … Continue reading

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Fourteen New Year’s Ruminations for 2014

In the nearly eighteen months that I have been “blogging” I have already discovered that an occasional break from my weekly writing schedule is necessary and helpful. Indeed, this post comes in the middle of a “scheduled but unannounced” hiatus … Continue reading

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November 22: Three Important Deaths and One Happy Life

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963), an event rightly remembered with a certain solemnity by the American people. Sadly, that tragic event and the various speculations which still surround it can cause … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption by Shane E. Kastler

Kastler, Shane E. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption. Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican Publishing Company, 2010. Hardcover, 176pp. During a recent visit with my wife to Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi, I noticed this little book while sipping coffee and perusing the shelves. … Continue reading

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Why Confessionalism?

One of the biggest changes—and one of the greatest blessings—in my “church life” over the past several years has been attending churches that subscribe to confessional standards which govern their teaching and practice. While by no means on par with … Continue reading

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