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Performance Anxiety? “That’s a Boggart, That Is!”

I’ve written periodically about performance anxiety over the nearly six years that I’ve been blogging for one primary reason: I suffer from performance anxiety myself! I remember as a student thinking something to the effect of “I can’t wait until … Continue reading

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“Live in the Now:” A Brief Addendum to My Thoughts on Performance Anxiety

In my essay posted two weeks ago I addressed the topic of performance anxiety, and judging by the statistics regarding that post a number of people found it useful, or at least worth reading and discussing. In thinking and talking … Continue reading

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Performance Anxiety

While a precious few of my readers are blessed with having no personal experience with the matter I am discussing today, most performing artists know it and know it well, and for some it can be debilitating at times. Performance … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Metaphor for the Christian Life

March 19, 2010, was undoubtedly the worst day of my professional career as a music professor. Having secured an invitation to perform at one of the largest and most prestigious trombone conferences in the world, I was looking forward to … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About the Future: An Unexpected Reminder from Our Antebellum Past

Let me begin today by confessing something to you, dear reader. I am a worrier. A first-class, almost constant worrier. Terribly so. Sinfully so. Perhaps that last adverb surprised you. “Sinfully? Sinfully? You mean you sin by worrying?” Yep, that’s … Continue reading

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